Land preparation can include a variety of services. Depending on usage, site preparation may include grading to level the ground, facilitate construction projects and to ensure proper water drainage. It can also encompass sod removal and excavation to make land more aesthetically appealing.

The utilization of site preparation is equally beneficial for new construction projects, along with existing residential and business sites. Land preparation must be conducted carefully for a successful outcome. That means hiring a reputable company with years of experience.

Land Clearing

If the land is heavily wooded or filled with brush, forestry mulching can be used to remove trees and undergrowth. The mulch improves soil conditions.

Grading and Leveling

Grading in land preparation levels the soil to prepare it for construction. It’s an essential step in the construction process. It can make new and existing foundations safer and more stable. Land preparation is equally beneficial for ditches, creating spaces for driveways and installing erosion and drainage systems. Architectural and landscape grading can also be employed to alter the entire contour and visual aspect of a property to accommodate specific needs during land preparation.

Sod Removal

Clumps of sod are unsightly and interferes with construction processes. Land preparation can include the removal of unwanted clumps of soil or the removal of sod to establish flower beds or hardscape features.

Excavations and Fills

In land preparation, soil can be moved from one location to another as part of the grading process. Earth can also be brought in to fill in depressions in the soil and to address erosion issues.

Compacted Soil

Structures must be built on solid, compacted soil to prevent shifting and movement. During the process of land preparation, soil is disturbed. Part of the land preparation process involves ensuring that soil is compacted to provide a solid foundation upon which to build.

Essential Drainage

Without proper land preparation, rainwater can pool and puddle. It has the ability to destabilize structural integrity of foundations and result in basement flooding.