Erosion control is essential to preserve land for current and future usage, maintain value, and prevent dangerous situations. Water is the primary culprit in erosion and can be addressed through forestry mulching, land clearing and land preparation. The Sunshine State is subject to hurricanes and squalls that can dump a significant amount of rain that exacerbates any existing erosion and can lead to new locations. It wears away soil of all types

Destabilizing Influence

Wind and water have a major impact on land, whether the property is at the seashore or an inland location. Weather elements that result in erosion can be successfully combatted with mindful land management techniques that improve drainage and creates a safer landscape environment.

Forestry Mulching

The process grinds trees and underbrush into small pieces that’s then deposited on the soil. Forestry mulching provides a protective layer of mulch against erosion originating from water or wind. Forestry mulching is a fast, efficient and cost-effective method of protecting property and returning nutrients to the soil for healthier ecosystems. It’s also eco-friendly, suppresses weed growth, and aids in preserving native plant and wildlife habitat.

Land Clearing

Removing trees may seem counterintuitive, but it enables healthy trees to obtain nutrients more efficiently, without competing against damaged or unhealthy trees and underbrush growth. The soil is better prepared to absorb moisture. Run off that’s often responsible for erosion is less likely to occur.

Land Preparation

A wide variety of residential and commercial projects are constructed each year and land preparation plays a major role in erosion prevention. It’s equally applicable for vacant land that hasn’t been developed. Grading, excavation and soil fills are effective methods for leveling the soil to eliminate areas where erosion exists or has the potential to be a problem.

Excavation methods are effective for solving erosion problems that have the potential to appear, even after a minor rain shower. Land preparation provides the ability to install adequate drainage and water management systems.